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The Limit Out Bait Rig


     The Limit Out Bait Rig design is a result of 30 years of salmon fishing experience. I have fished for salmon in all of the Great Lakes and the Pacific Ocean from California to Alaska.

There are many methods to catch salmon, but I have found that using herring or anchovies in the Pacific Ocean and its bays is a very effective technique.

(All fishing photos on this website are actual photos of fish that were all caught using Limit Out Fishing Products.)



     The Limit Out bait rig design produces a tight spinning action resulting in aggressive strikes by Coho and Chinook salmon. Our first product trial using our new Limit Out Bait Rig was on an ocean fishing trip out of Depoe Bay Oregon in 2007. We caught limits of salmon. The next day we had over 37 hook ups in 4 hours of fishing, finishing with a boat limit. We knew the special design really catches fish.



     The Limit Out Bait Rig worked great in salt water, but we needed further testing to see if it would work in fresh water. In August of 2007 we went to the lower Columbia, upstream of the Oregon /Washington Bridge, to give this new bait rig a try on upriver Columbia Chinook and Silver Salmon. The fishing was slow but we put on a show. We had double hook ups and finished the day with Chinook and Silver limits. At the dock, many boats had fished all day and only averaged 2 salmon per boat while we fished only a few hours to catch our 8 salmon.



     The Limit Out Bait Rig will catch limits of salmon, hence the name. There are two models: the In-line Bait Rig and the Sliding Bait Rig. It is available in four colors: Red, Blue, Clear, and Chartreuse. For best results use thawed bait lightly salted or brined. For something different, try adding two beads and a plastic clevis with a #4 Colorado blade on the leader to convert to a spinner bait rig.








     We hope you have a great fishing season with new Limit Out Bait Rig and Limit Out!

Jim Milanowski
President & CEO
Limit Out Inc.




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